About Us

R.E.L Agri's vision and strategy is to connect people and organizations in the global horticulture sector, and to digitalize the industry, bringing new innovative ideas to light making the produce available to those who appreciate it and connecting the grower to the market digitally. 

During a crisis the world starts to think differently and generate opportunities which were not there before. Despite how the world has become more digital, we do not want to lose our personal contact. This is the very core of our company, in what we do and the way we do it. Which simply cannot be more imortant in these times.

We continue to develope and expand business opportunities worldwide.


Matti Arielle


T +31 (0)6 442 107 09

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Jennifer Gertrude

Branch Manager Kenya

T +254 0722 227 950

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Joseph Karanja

Senior Sales and Logistics

T +254 728 886 740

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Danielle Spinks

Media and Communication

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Franciscah Ibelia

Sales and Logistics

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Cynthia Mutiso

Sales and Logistics

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Lilian Achieng

Administration Assistant

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Vincent Mammet

Documentation and Logistics

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Geoffrey Juma

Documentation and Logistics

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