Our Story

R.E.L Agri's vision and strategy is to connect people and organizations in the global horticulture sector, and to digitalize the industry, bringing new innovative ideas and making the products readily available to those who appreciate them and connecting the grower to the market digitally. 

 Despite how the world has become more digital, we do not want to lose our personal touch. This is the very core of our company, in what we do and the way we do it. Working with markets worldwide and connecting them to the treasures of Africa...flowers! 

R.E.L Agri works with numerous certified growers to ensure the highest quality of flowers harvested. Naturally flowers are a thing of beauty, so delivering them in there perfectness is key. Through "personal digitalization" we strive to be able to connect the flowers, direct to the clients, through a digital platform, but without losing touch in the process. 

We continue to develope and expand business opportunities worldwide.